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 Flow Velocity
 Blood Flow Velocity

The technique of red blood cell velocity measurement in the microvasculature is based on the dual slit technique. It measures the transit time of the cells between two optoelectronic sensors placed in known distance. The microscope is equipped with an optical system containing the photodiodes. This tube is interposed between the microscope and a video camera. The tube allows optical rotation (270°).

The picture shows a mesenteric arteriole of appr. 20µm and the photosensors. The output of the photodiodes - which is modulated by the streaming cells - is fed to a crosscorrelator with an integrated microcontroller. It processes online the velocity and the correlation factor which reaches up to 70% at stable conditions.

References: Prof. Dr.D. Seiffge, Hoechst Marion Roussel Deutschland, Frankfurt



Photograph of the laboratory

Microscope with tubus and
video camera on the top

Correlator left below the
video monitor

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